Advanced Technique & Process 2A: Shoot: Shooting in RAW

5th January 2015

Equipment used:

Canon 5D mk iii
Canon speed lite 430EXii
LED wires
Shooting in mRAW + JPEG

The aim of this shoot was to use the same flash/movement/capturing techniques as before, however to shoot in RAW and afterwards in the editing process – see if some of the technical concerns raised from my earlier shoots, could be corrected (mainly the flash being too intense/blown out white) easier if shot in RAW. I also shot in JPEG and edited those so that I could compare the two. Here are my results…

Edited RAW’s:

Edited JPEG’s:

The reason I edited the JPEGS sightly differently (darker in most of the cases here) was an attempt to restore the highlights that had been blown out by the flash. I used the burn tool to attempt to darken the white areas, however when doing this, especially if over done, can make the colours look too saturated and burns out the colours, and I think looks too uneven and obviously edited. Depending on preference, a more contrasty image with regards to the colours and actual shadows and highlights may be desirable. However technically speaking it may not be the best choice…

The RAW images are more balanced with the colours and the contrast/highlights. This is because of the ability to actually adjust the highlights – as well as everything else – as an individual component, when opening a RAW in Photoshop.

I am glad I carried out this technique and it has helped me consider more how my images are processed and how to get the absolute best from them. I barely ever shoot in RAW usually, my reasoning being that they take up too much memory and it’s a long time-staking process having to convert them. However seeing what the pros and cons for each are and how they not only affect the technicality of an image but also it’s aesthetic, I am considering shooting in RAW much more often.

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