Advanced Techniques & Processes 2A: Commercial Context (outcome 3)

I wanted to edit some of the shots I had taken for my project as if they were being used for publication – specifically advertisement of the sportsman and his abilities/ethos.

‘D.M.I’ is my subjects ‘motto’ – Determination, Motivation, Inspiration. He uses this within his videos and his lively hood as a sportsman depends in the mental attitude he has towards life and towards obstacles.

‘Free Your Mind’ is another concept within free running, and specifically my subjects ethos – within himself and the group ‘B3RUN’ he is a part of. To be able to do such stunts and do them right requires one to step outside ones comfort zone, push ones self and overcome fear by facing it.

Here I have created these in the style of promotional shots for the athlete. These images would be mainly seen online, because a lot of my subjects networking and advertisement is done online. This would result in more people knowing about him and spreading the word – which would then lead to him acquiring more sponsorship as an athlete.

IW9B6128-02dwaincommercialcontextBLOGSIZED IW9B6161-01dwaincommercialcontextBLOGSIZED

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