Advanced Studio Practice 2B: Project Proposal (First Draft)

31st January 2015


I aim to explore the issues surrounding portrait photography. How do we define ‘the portrait’ – is it possible to define this? Specifically what makes a person who they are? How do we define ourselves as people? By internal or external things? Has this changed over time? How has the representation of people/the portrait photograph been defined in the past compared to now, taking into consideration cultural traditions, background, mental attitude etc.

Research requirements

I will explore stereotypes portrayed through past media/photography and explore how each – men and women have been represented/portrayed. I will be looking into different locations, clothing, money, job, childhood (background), people and connections (who we associate ourselves with e.g by age, gender, similar interests etc). A lot of my research will be gathered by communicating with people, possibly handing out questionnaires I will create, social research and networking. I also hope to communicate with mentors and gain (from their experiences photographing people) knowledge about people as a subject.

Production methods/presentation

I aim to shoot in digital because it is quick and easy and I can make it portable for shooting on locations. I aim to take people to a location in relation to them after having numerous meetings with them to get a sense, an essence of who they are as a person.

Target audience

My target audience would be the people being photographed, the general public, possible magazines, online galleries (as a possible on-going series).

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