Advanced Studio Practice 2B: 3-5 images towards my project proposal

8th February 2015


The aim of this shoot was to photograph this lady, and to capture her and her story of faith, joy, and overcoming – within photographs. This lady survived a fatal illness and although is still on the mend, she made a miraculous recovery and has an amazing story to tell. I wanted to display/capture LIFE, beauty, celebration, faith, joy… and hopefully an essence of this lady’s identity as a person. I also wanted to use the location as an indicator of these qualities.

Can a persons identity be contained within a photograph?

I am wanting to explore portraiture and whether elements of what is shown in an image of a person, defines something about them…

Here are the images, that I shot quite a while back, however they were the basis of, and informed my idea for my project proposal.

After receiving feedback from my tutor and colleagues, they agreed that my images do show this sense of life and joy/celebration, and that these images could be used in the context of e.g a lifestyle magazine and that they look very professional. However they didn’t think the first image worked in the same way as the rest of the set. The difference here was the crop/size of the image, but also the way the subject appeared here.The image doesn’t seem to carry the same narrative as the other images – maybe because it appears like more of a posed shot rather than being natural. These images make me want to ask the people I photograph:

What’s your story?

I want to shoot more with people on location as I feel this gives an opportunity to give context and meaning.

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