Advanced Studio Practice 2B: Shoot 1 (testing my idea)

21st February 2015


Kathy, who is in fact my mother, has a very positive out look on life. She is always smiling, and her attitude to most problems is always trying to find a way through/how to overcome the obstacle. I feel this adds to her personality/identity and I wanted to show this through these images. I photographed her on a sunny day to portray ‘light’, ‘positivity’, a ‘sunny side up’ approach, her smile always brightens a room and her laughter is infectious. She makes people feel comfortable and is quite an open person (represented through e.g her opening the door in these photos and the wide expanse of garden and sky – open spaces). I photographed her in and around her home because she loves to make people feel welcome and at home. She is also very family orientated and this is reflected in the surroundings here, because all our family live very close to our house and we see them regularly.

After getting feedback on this shoot from my tutor I can see in these images that in Kathy’s expression, because I am her daughter, there is a case of compliance in being photographed in some of the images, and this may interfere with the viewer seeing her ‘being herself’ – however on the other hand, and for the same reason (I am her daughter) I have got some natural laughing shots because we are comfortable and familiar with each other.

Another thing I learnt when getting feedback was that composition is important and where the person is in the frame is important as to how the viewer reads it. For example on image 2 & 3 I have used a technique called ‘negative space’ – why? Am I trying to draw attention to something specific in the image? etc. This is something I shall consider for shoots in the future, how I use the space within the shot to add to it’s meaning.

This shoot has helped me see that I really need to get to know the sitter well before photographing them and know techniques to make them feel at ease with being themselves. I think I will continue photographing people I know and also experiment and get to know people I don’t know on the same level.


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