Advanced Technique & Process 2B: Pack shot development (Pen tool)

2nd March 2015

Geoff’s artwork: Pyramid
The aim of this task was to clean up the background in Photoshop using the pen tool (and I also used the patch and clone tool a little bit on the first image). The first image needed brightening up anyway so I did that however I got the pyramid looking how I wanted it using brightness in Photoshop, but I still needed to brighten/clean up the background without effecting the pyramid. Firstly I edited the lines of the table in the background using patch & clone tools. Next I made a path around the pyramid using the Pen tool, made a selection of it, then inverted it so it selected the background. I then used levels to brighten it to the aesthetic I desired.

For the second image I wanted to do the same however because of the position/composition I didn’t need to use the other tools this time. I firstly brightened the whole image to get the pyramid looking good, then I selected the pyramid with pen tool around the pyramid and inverted it, then used levels again to get the final result.

These images were sent to Kala Sangam along with a few others (close ups) of the pyramid, and were used in the Kala Sangam Spring/Summer 2015 Brochure – promoting Geoff Latz Art Work in an exhibition they are holding over the summer. Here is the section from the brochure:


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