Advanced Technique & Process 2B: Pack shot/Product photography development

When shooting my most recent wedding, I was asked to photograph the shoes on the day, at the reception. The bride had some blue ribbon she wanted me to arrange and photograph with the shoes. This was a challenge because I wanted to find a suitable back drop, one that wasn’t too fussy as to distract from the shoes. I worked with ambient light (disco lights) and also tried some with flash. I tried to use as long a lens length as possible however it varies in each shot (here I was using my 24-105mm lens) as we were taught in the pack shot session in the studio. Here are my results:

I quite like the atmosphere the lighting creates on these images. It reminds me of a ‘Cinderella’ type colour scheme and narrative. I had to edit the background slightly because there were little marks on the wood behind the shoes, but other than that it was just a case of brightness/contrast. I feel this helped me with my arrangement of products and how to work/think fast and on the spot to come up with ideas (even though I had thought about it/where in the venue I would photograph them, previous to the wedding… in the moment it was a little different to how I anticipated).

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