Advanced Techniques & Processes 2B: Project Proposal (first draft)

24th February 2015


I aim to shoot editorial/commercial portraits, and in part, leaning towards advertising photography (pack shots). In light of receiving the AOP awards Brief set by Richard Maxted, I aim to shoot items from a charity shop and make them look new, up to date and appealing. There are a lot of stigma around charity shops, mainly amongst young people. They are perceived as old, unhygienic (because the clothes are second hand), worthless (the idea of them not being necessarily ‘up to date’ fashion) and just for ‘older’ people. I think this is because of media – social and commercial pressure telling us we need to keep up to date with ‘the latest fashion’ and our consumerist culture telling us that we need things to make us feel good and that we must have whatever we want and have it now. This automatically creates a negative attachment to anything that isn’t brand new, ‘fresh’ or instant. However I want to break this perception and show people that charity shops are really helpful (because you are giving to charity), handy – especially when you are a student and don’t have masses of money to throw at the latest fashion (e.g designer clothes at ridiculous prices), and that it’s all about the way you wear a piece of clothing – it’s not about the price, the designer brand… and that when you search in a charity shop there are actually a lot of ‘hidden gems’ if you take the time to really look and have the creativity to actually put an outfit together – this encourages and sparks an individual to have vision and the ability to create and express that through what they wear.

Research requirements

As a shopper at charity shops myself and introducing my friends to shopping in charity shops this has influenced my passion for this subject and the issues surrounding it because it is a first hand experience of mine. After introducing my friends to charity shops and them finding some amazing pieces just because they took the step to actually have a proper look and invest time in getting creative, I feel their perceptions of charity shops were changed. I may go ahead and ask members of the public what they think of charity shops and purchasing from them.

Production methods/presentation

I aim to shoot on digital in the studio, to create a sharp, dramatic image that shows the items in all their glory. I aim to create an outfit(s) and photograph them on a model to create the editorial/commercial style I desire. For example – a dress – I want to photograph at an angle parallel to the clothing to flatter the model and the dress, and have a light fan blowing the material to show it in a glamorous light. I will capture a full body shot (to show the whole outfit) however I also aim to shoot each individual items, almost like a ‘zoom in’ from the original, but showing each item in their own light and a good light.

Target Audience

I imagine these images to be put in a magazine, either lifestyle or fashion. I picture them in an article addressing this issue of the stigma around charity shops.

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