Review: External Opportunity (Paid job): Wedding

Wedding date: 6th February 2015
Review: 10th February 2015

I had previously liaised with the clients about their wedding over the past few months. I attended the rehearsal to get a better idea of lighting settings in the church with my flash for group shots and to be in tune with the movements of the ceremony and where I would need to be etc. I also had another photographer assisting me so liaised with him previous to and up until the wedding, about positioning, technical issues, arrangement and planning. Going to the rehearsal was a great opportunity to prepare.

The wedding itself went really well. I felt as though I had improved in my approach with a lot of things. The wedding I did last semester (October 2014) taught me a lot. From this wedding I had a few things I wanted to improve on for this next wedding:

– Take less shots, but better shots
The last wedding I took an excess amount of shots and as a result, editing them afterwards took too long and I felt in the end I may have over-faced the clients with too many shots. I learnt from this that sometimes less is more, because the images are narrowed down to the best shots, rather than having to troll through so many and the best shots being burried in with the rest.

– Plan, plan, plan
Although this is a given, you can never plan enough for a wedding. Obviously no wedding goes completely and utterly to plan with e.g the timing of things, but it’s always good to know exactly where you need to be and to think ahead and be prepared. It benefited me going to the rehearsal and also having shot at the venue a few years previous for another wedding – so I learnt from the previous and applied knowledge to this one. Also planning ahead with kit – making sure everything is charged and packing your bag the night before or even the night before that, giving time to check everything over in case e.g batteries are needed etc.

– Not let my nerves get to me as much
Although it’s good to have a few nerves to get the adrenaline going, to be completely consumed with nerves is not good. It’s just fear based and it just hinders any creative thought processes. This wedding, because I had planned better and felt more confident because of this, I was able to relax a little bit and have fun with the couple and allow for flexibility. It also helped that I had another photographer getting shots too, this took the pressure off a little in feeling responsible for capturing every single moment. I think also technically knowing my camera and flash better the more I use them, this enabled me to get the shot in less ‘takes’/’tries’ which made me and the people being photographed, feel more at ease because I wasn’t making them wait for ages while I e.g adjusted my settings between each shot.

– Communication is key
I am working on this one continually. It is so important to communicate with the clients to get a better idea of what they want/expect from me. This time around I felt I was more confident in asking questions and talking to people more – when shooting and when not shooting. I liaised with the clients in a pre-consultation before the day and kept in contact over email. Then on the day I communicated with them throughout the day when it was convenient for them as the bride and groom. I am learning to communicate more naturally and less forced/over thinking it.

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