Advanced Studio Practice 2B: Editorial Links relating to my subject

These photographers and their work inspire me…
Interesting project looking at the way people see themselves and have been seen/projected on by others
All different types of people all from around the same area. Why did he take them out of context of their environment?
Interesting concept of how we perceive our own character through our faces…
The way moments between people can be captured…
All different characters captured in different locations and situations
Although more fashion, I like the use of locations and depth of field on location!/index
People in relation to the location of a big event in their life
Great concepts – bringing inside feelings outside using different techniques, locations etc. Great use of natural light to create a mood
Although completely staged/set up photography e.g model location etc, the concepts are intriguing
Incredibly evocative imagery, capturing such emotion

“It is one thing to photograph people. It is another to make others care about them by revealing the core of their humanness.” – Paul Strand

Absolutely love David Eustace’s work and his influences behind his works. He seems to be primarily caring about the people and this reflects through his work in ‘Portraits’ ‘The Character Project’ ‘In Search of Eustace’ ‘The Buskers’ etc. The compositions of his subjects within a context is something I wish to aim towards.

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