Advanced Studio Practice 2B: Shooting on location for project work and press release

28th February 2015


The aim of this shoot was to photograph Geoff Latz (artist) on location, to present him as an artist for a press release, with the possibility of being used for the T&A, the exhibition he is going to be a part of with Kala Sangam in Bradford (July 2015), and an article in Country Life magazine. I wanted the location to be in-keeping with the work he does (turns scrap metal and anything ‘unusable’ – “rubbish” into art work). I photographed him overlooking a scrap yard/recycling plant. My reasoning for this was because it’s just what Geoff does but on a bigger scale – he recycles. He makes use of something that others would see as just “rubbish”. I referred to it as ‘his play ground’ or his ‘garage’ but on a bigger scale. (as he creates his work in his garage at home). The brief was to get some full length shots but mainly head shots for the purpose of use. Here are my results:

Throughout this shoot I wanted to interact with Geoff to make him feel at ease and to also bring out his character. He is a very deep and thoughtful man, also very sweet and has a great sense of humour 🙂 He is passionate about life and has a great determination in the way he thinks/works.

After receiving feedback from my tutor, we spoke about little indicative objects within a photograph and how they can tell us some things about the subject. For example on Geoff’s coat he has 2 little badges. One of them is a guitar and the other is a heart with a cross inside it. Geoff knows how to play guitar, and the cross, I am guessing, represents his faith in God & Jesus, as we both share this faith.

I want to photograph more in this way, considering indicative objects and how they are also symbols/clues within a portrait photograph.

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