Advanced Techniques & Processes 2B: Flash Techniques: Using bounce card

27th February 2015

The aim of this session was to practice using flash guns (speed lite) and using an attached bounce card to gain a better lit portrait and to balance the light against e.g tungsten lit backgrounds or daylight lit backgrounds. To use the flash gun to the best of it’s ability and to learn how to adjust settings/make estimations, fast. This was to aid our abilities for future jobs (e.g ‘Bradford Film Summit’ Event).

As a group we tested the flash together. We adjusted a variety of settings to improve our skills in adapting the strength of the flash through the power on the actual speed lite itself, the aperture (for different distances for example when bouncing off of walls and ceilings), and the shutter speed to control how much of the ambient light we let into the shot – for example if we were shooting against a tungsten or day-lit back ground. I took photos of my colleagues and positioned them in places that tested my ability to balance the light within each shot, in camera.

Using a bounce card was a new thing for me because I usually just bounce flash off of the ceiling to soften it as it falls onto the subject. However this still creates harsh shadows in the shaded parts of the face e.g eye-sockets, which isn’t very flattering. However using a bounce card transformed the look of the images just because of how part of the flash still points upwards and bounces off of the ceiling but the other part bounced off of the card and illuminated the person being photographed, which then differentiated them from the background and made them stand out.

This helped me fine tune my skills with using my flash gun and balancing different light sources. This will help me a lot with future jobs.

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