External Opportunity: Pack shots for online usage (Paid job)/Working with children when shooting

5th March 2015

I was approached by the clients to photograph some of the stock for the website KidzOwnIt, photographing children’s toys. They had previously seen the shots I took for Geoff Latz Art Work and wanted some similar (with regards to lighting and backdrop etc). I have a portable studio set with a white back drop and two umberella lights so I used this. It was also a requirement for me to photograph a child playing with the toys at the same time. I liaised with the clients via meeting in person and phone/text. I had a look at the type of images they already had on the website to prepare myself. Their house was the location so I set up there and photographed.

While I was there they also had some stock for another website, Africanos World Inc that they asked if I would photograph and they would pay me accordingly. I did so whilst I had everything set up.

Here are my results for both –


This shoot helped me in many ways,

– Communication with clients
– Planning/organising skills
– Working towards a client brief/deadline
– My technical abilities, photographically
– Gained experience photographing pack shots
– Setting up lighting and back drop (to aquire desired aesthetic)
– I developed my editing skills using Photoshop mainly using Pen Tool
– I improved my skills with relating to children and photographing them quickly but efficiently (the clients – parents of the child – said she had never been so well behaved! I think my work experience at Little Daisy’s – play gym for 0-5 year olds has helped me massively in my approach to and communication with children and parents)
– Gained experience and knowledge

Things I could have improved on,

– With arranging the pack shots, for example the African game table – I wish I had have just taken a second to turn it slightly to show the third leg clearly (because on some of the shots at certain angles it is not clearly visible that it is a 3 legged table) and adjust the position of the actual circle board on top. I also found it difficult to light the coffee bag because of it’s shiny surface. Maybe this could have been solved with a reflector (to absorb the light e.g black card)?
– My back drop wasn’t big enough for the man and woman to sit on (for the game table shots) so there was a lot of editing (on the sides of the photographs) to do afterwards. This may have been avoided if I had a bigger backdrop/space to work with (however I feel that I did well, considering the circumstances/small space). This would have also cut down time-spent-editing.
– When photographing the little girl I had to photograph quickly so I felt as though whilst shooting a few things may have slipped my mind e.g the odd image was slightly out of focus and the exposure sometimes either too low or high. Also with the positioning of the lights – it was something I had to keep in mind because the child (obviously) was moving around for the shots e.g sitting down then standing up etc so sometimes I forgot about the lights whilst I took a few shots, however, remembered after seeing that something looked different and adjusted as needed.
– Another lighting issue – I forgot to turn off the ambient tungsten lights (typical house/home lights) above the set up, so in some of the images there was an orange haze on the backdrop at times which I also had to edit in Photoshop.

Over all this was a helpful shoot, I haven’t done anything like this before so for me was a big learning curve and the clients were happy with the outcome.

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