External Opportunity: Press release

10th February 2015

I had the opportunity of taking a photo for a press release…

I was given a concept/brief from Barbara Jones, a partner at Aktios Creative and assistant to MED-EL UK with regional PR to photograph Paul Branchett (middle man in photograph) who, because he had a cochlear implant to enable him to hear (and before was almost completely deaf) he won a music grant/award from MED-EL so that he could learn to play the guitar and fulfill his dream of playing with the band at our church (Christian Life Church, Shipley). They wanted a shot where he was central in the image as to draw attention to him with his guitar, but wanted the context of his dream – with the music team. I used my flash gun and bounced it off of the ceiling to get a more natural light effect (because I shot this image at night, so had no daylight to balance with). Here is the final image(s) that I sent to Barbara (I included the same image but one cropped in a bit closer just in case they needed it.)

IW9B9741-01resized IW9B9741-02resized

Through this I learnt that it is important to:

– Keep communication going between the client and I as well as the subject (Paul) to keep everyone informed as to what the plan is (as well as the music team)
– This opportunity helped me learn to plan and exercise my organising skills
– It improved my ability in approaching and talking to people & communicating my ideas
– Helped me problem solve and find solution (e.g the only time we could shoot was at night so I used my flash)

I felt I could have improved on:

– My timing – e.g because trying to get everyone together at the same time proved difficult, it took longer to arrange it all than expected. Next time I would want to exercise more efficiency and approach people as early as possible instead of letting time drag on.

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