Review: External Opportunity (Paid job): Singing/Acting Workshop

Date of workshop: 8th February 2015
Review: 10th February 2015

I was asked to photograph a workshop for singers wanting to learn how to act/express while singing. The workshop took place in St Peters House, Bradford. As a talent/hobby I also sing and used to have singing lessons. This is how the opportunity came about because I was offered this as a free lesson/workshop in exchange for photographs of the event for my singing teacher (the usual cost of such a workshop being around £50). So taking on this opportunity benefited me in more ways than one.

Throughout the workshop a selection and variation of pre-planned singers with different music styles/voices performed and received feedback by the lady leading it (Rhonda Carlson). It was an encouraging experience and I learnt a lot for singing. Rhonda was so expressive – with her body, her voice, her expressions, her words… and this was really inspiring.

Through shooting this it also helped me to learn more about people and the way they express themselves. Music is definitely one of the ways a lot of people express themselves, and a lot of emotion is infused within music. This will be something I can take into consideration for/to develop my project.

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