External opportunity: Fashion shoot for Tiger Lily boutique, working with a mentor

10th March 2015 My mentor – Christian Hardy, and I worked together on a Fashion shoot on a TFP basis for Saltaire based Boutique – Tiger Lily. This consisted of planning, buying a back drop and paint to use in his studio, finding a model and a make up artist, liaising with the client (Emma at Tiger Lily), picking up the clothes themselves and getting the studio ready for the shoot. We planned this over the time frame of a few months and 10th March was the shoot. (See in my folder for all arrangements/prep for the shoot). Here are the final images that were shown to the client:

I decided to add a few different types of shots to each batch sent out depending on who they were being sent to e.g for the make up artist I sent the ones we showed to the client but added some close ups (to show the make up better) – because she is in her third year at uni and needed some photos to show in her portfolio also. I sent the client set of images to the model (well, her mum) also, but added some more where the model (Erin) showed her talent with a variation of poses etc to show her versatility, for her portfolio.

I learnt many things on this shoot,

– How to work to a client deadline (the stock we were photographing was for that season only so we had to photograph it and get the shots done while still in season)

– Planning and organising

– Working alongside a mentor

– learning from the way they do things

– How to photograph clothing on a model (ready for when I shoot my AOP awards brief, in preparation)

– All that goes into preparing a studio for a shoot (even the cleaning jobs!)

– Communication with client, model, make up artist, mentor

– Building my confidence

– I need to drive if I’m going to be doing this for a living!! (Thankfully Christian was very generous with driving and we ran errands together to get what we needed for the shoot but it showed me how much I need to pass my test and get driving!)

– How to edit within a time limit, learnt to edit using Lightroom

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