Advanced Techniques & Processes 2B: Shooting towards AOP breif

13th March 2015

In this session I photographed my charity shop find (vintage dress) in the studio. I still had not found a suitable model for the dress yet so I tried photographing it draped. After talking with my tutor for advice I came up with the concept of the dress being ‘held up’ by futuristic ‘robot hands’. I thought it would be a good contrast and quite interesting because the dress is vintage (past) and the constructed hanger/hand is futuristic.

I set up the lights with one large soft box straight onto the dress, then I turned on a snoot light coming in from the side to add to the texture of the dress and in an attempt to make it look fuller (as it was just hung). I played about with the dress in an attempt to give it some sort of body/form but I don’t feel like it worked very well. Here are some images from the shoot:

Although this didn’t work as well as I thought it would, I tried photographing a jacket from a charity shop that my tutor had brought in to show as an example. This, although I hadn’t planned it, I feel like I actually got some good/creative/imaginative shots here. It definitely helped me in my understanding of photographing clothing and how it doesn’t have to be mundane – there is a lot of creativity needed in photographing clothing to get dramatic shots when thinking outside the box. I asked my class mates to model for me and they did a great job!…

Even though it didn’t work as planned with photographing the charity shop dress, I actually learned a lot in this session that will help me when photographing the dress on a model.

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