Advanced Techniques & Processes 2B: Using Flash with bounce card (job)

6th March 2015

Bradford Film School “Summit” event

I had the opportunity of being a part of the Bradford Film Summit event that took place within Bradford College. On this job I had to work efficiently and think on my feet. I used my camera with speed lite and bounce card – taking the knowledge I had learnt from the previous session on this technique. I balanced day light with flash when photographing people coming into the Old Building and effectively balanced the flash when photographing Daryl Goodrich and Trevor Griffiths so that they were exposed nicely but it wasn’t completely head-on flash which wouldn’t have looked good.

In some senses this event was a little different to expected because there was meant to be 100 people that attended, but seen as it was the last day of a 3 day event, only 30 turned up. This limited me slightly as to the amount of people there was to photograph, however it enabled me to talk to people on a closer level and get to know them as well as taking their photograph.

I also worked in the studio in the ‘photo booth’ and had to escort people from the Henry Mitchell Hall to show them the film and photo studio. I felt I grew in my confidence when doing this. It was a great time to make connections and I feel as though I handled the day quite well.

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