Advanced Studio Practice 2B: Shoot: Adele

29th March 2015


I had liaised with Adele previous to the shoot and I asked her a few questions about places/activities related to her identity. At first she came up with a location that she had a specifically memorable experience in. However she then said she thought more about herself and her identity and how that is expressed. She then said that singing and music has always been a part of her life – through the good and the bad times. Through everything she has been through with the loss of people close to her, with the health problems she has had etc, singing and the expression this allows for her, has always got her through. Specifically singing to God because even in the hardest times in her life this has given her faith and a reassurance that everything will be ok.

We spoke and both agreed to photograph her in our church building that we both are a part of as this symbolises the reason she sings, and being a part of the church family here has allowed her to grow in her expression of singing – and evidently, herself. At first I just asked her to sing and she closed her eyes and began to express herself with her voice. It was a special and touching time as I photographed her. I then tried some posed shots with the mic. Through this I wanted to creative an indicative portrait with the mic as a symbol. I then photographed her just simply smiling at the camera with the building/windows as a backdrop.

I feel as though I definitely captured something of Adele’s character in these shots. The fact that we met up beforehand to just talk and for me to get to know her better, really helped me to understand her and we had a chance to talk about some of her experiences specifically and how music has helped her in these circumstances. I think that my connection with Adele is mirrored in these images – through her facial expression, because I sensed that she felt comfortable with me, because I was comfortable within myself, and with her.

My aim is to empower people through my photography, and show them as their true self (if they are comfortable with this). I feel that I am quite a personable person and this enables me to connect with people through photography in a really exciting way.

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