Advanced Studio Practice 2B: Shoot: Millie

1st April 2015


When I asked Millie where her favourite place was, she at first said her trampoline. We planned to photograph her on her trampoline in her garden, however the day before the shoot her trampoline blew away into 2 gardens away! (because of the extreme winds). So our next plan was to photograph her on the quarry near her house. Here she walks her dog, goes for walks with her family and it is an interesting place to explore as there are all different levels to the quarry, in some areas it is a wide open space with some hills and views, and other places it has small crevices within the rocks. I also asked her to wear her favourite outfit for the shoot. I wanted to photograph her walking, spinning, skipping, and also getting some head shots of her and the quarry. There were extreme winds on this day (as you can see in some of the images!) so it was interesting trying to work this into the shoot. I feel personally it really added to capturing Millie’s identity because of her sweet and fun reaction to the wind. We had a lot of fun here. The wind also created some dramatic hair-blowing that I managed to capture in a few shots!

In my opinion it also worked for the concept I was trying to capture. Millie is 12 years old – she is a child, but she is on the verge of becoming a teenager and a young lady. From my own personal experience of being a 12 year old girl, one does feel quite ‘swayed’ or ‘blown about’ in parts of life, and as a young adult, I sensed I was still trying to find myself and my identity (at that age). I sense that maybe Millie is on a journey as a young girl but also becoming a young lady, as she has a fun, sweet and charming air to her personality, but also a growing maturity and a confidence about her.

I feel as though I managed to capture an essence/element of Millie in these shots. I wanted to let her be as natural as possible, but I also directed her in part. I didn’t want to interfere with the natural process of expression, however she also wanted me to guide her with “what to do”. It would have been interesting to see her engaging in an activity, as I see how it is important in showing how people express themselves. However I am happy with how Millie expressed herself through laughter and her feelings towards the wind and being photographed, as I feel this is conveyed in the images.

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