Advanced Studio Practice 2B: Shoot: Thomas (2)

4th April 2015


For the second idea Thomas and I spoke about at the last shoot, we wanted to encapsulate both his professional/smart side and also his fun/cheeky side in 1 image. We came up with the idea of him in his smart clothing, but photographing him in a fun environment – the child’s play gym that he works at. The bright colours here also symbolise his flamboyant characteristics. One of the phrases he said he uses a lot is “Act mature when you need to be, act immature when you want to be.”…

I enjoyed this shoot as it enabled us to get creative and have fun because Thomas is a fun person. Again, I wanted to capture him naturally e.g laughing, and his natural reactions to the situation itself, however it was hard at times because he is used to posing in photographs. Despite this, I feel I definitely got some shots here that show “Thomas”. One of my favourites is the close up shot of his face as he is laid on his stomach in the ball pool, as he was genuinely laughing in this shot. Although the suit itself isn’t as visible as in the other shots, I think back to the feedback I received previously from my tutor about ‘indicative elements’ within an image – small clues that tell us about the person, although they may be subtle, they are still there when a viewer subconsciously takes the photo in.

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