Advanced Techniques & Processes 2B: Shoot – AOP Student Awards brief

27th March 2015

The aim of this session was to create a studio shot of my charity shop vintage dress. I came up with a concept to suit the look of the dress. I arranged one large softbox onto the subject, took a few shots then added 2 smaller lights with light heads on but bare bulb towards the camera to create the look of a runway/catwalk/red carpet – to give the dress context and narrative. I added a wind machine to blow the hair and the dress slightly. In the end I couldn’t find a model for the date so I, being the make up artist, model and photographer for this shoot had the choice as to how everything looked which helped me get the effect I desired. I pinned the dress in places where it was a little too big. I set my camera on a tripod on self-timer.

I was very pleased with the outcome of this shoot, I thought the images were technically good (despite the lens flare from the 2 smaller lights – however I think it works with the concept of e.g camera flashes coming from all different angles when on the catwalk/red carpet.) The soft box lit the subject nicely and the 2 lights angled onto the subject actually gave more of a 3D effect, giving the image body, and the dress’ details showed much more this way. When editing I wanted to see what the full images looked like but also tried some closer crops to get in on the details. The only part that was tricky when editing was burning the white/lighter bits/signs in the background on every shot. This was time consuming and if I were to shoot this again I would make sure the background is clear of anything distracting.

I feel like despite not being able to get a model I worked well and planned for myself which enabled me to get a better outcome than I actually expected/created in my minds eye. This shoot inspired me a lot.

Chosen shot(s) I will send for the AOP student awards breif:

IW9B2113-01blogsized IW9B2113-02blogsized

I have chosen this shot based on the fact that it is so striking. The pose of the subject is the most direct and eye-catching, as some of the others looked like I was swaying around. However also with the aid of the wind machine, the dramatic and direct stance here works for making the dress look ‘a million dollars’ (although it was from a charity shop!!). I also feel that the last few shots I took where I positioned myself closer to the light, the shadows were deeper and this is the ‘dramatic’ look I wanted. This also complimented the ripples in, and the shape of, the dress.


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