External Opportunity: Shooting ‘behind the scenes’ of film making

22nd March 2015

Steve Call is a local film director currently making a movie called ‘Tears in the Dust’. He wants to break perceptions about homeless people through this movie. He asked me to shoot ‘behind the scenes’ shots on set. The scene was set in the heart of Bradford. On this day I met various actors and observed, for myself, a behind the scenes knowledge of how Steve engaged with the actors and directed them to get the narrative he needed for the film.

This also helped me in a lot of ways,

– Met new people & expanded my presence/audience with my photography/as a photographer
– Got my work out there (some of the images from the shoot were sent to be published in a magazine in the USA, to advertise the film)
– Gained experience and practised my photography skills more – trying to spot ‘moments’ and capture the action to show narrative
– Worked to client deadline
– Organised and planned
– Improved communication
– Became more mindful of my positioning (e.g not to be in shot or my shadow in shot because it was sunny)

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