External Opportunity & Outcome 4 St.P: Workshop with Binitesh (Film maker from Whistling Woods Film School)

23rd March 2015

We had the opportunity as a group of taking part in a workshop with a film maker from the Film school in India, Whistling Woods. He talked with us about narrative and ‘passing moments in time’, and how this is captured on film (moving image) and also as a still, in a photograph. He mainly spoke about film as this is his speciality, however it was also helpful as a photographer to understand narrative and how to capture something that would be moving, and still be able to show that ‘passing of time’ within a still image. He then took us to a secluded location, somewhere that really didn’t look like much, and asked us to go and get creative – to explore, and to really look. We were instructed to photograph in macro, and to interpret our surroundings by getting really close to it.

The way I chose to photograph/the narrative I wanted to show, was of ‘things that once were’… to capture an element of history and evidence of what once was alive and present, but has now eroded/decayed. Within photographing this narrative though, I started noticing little sprouts of life in this ‘desert’… and I found a few, because I looked close enough.

Here are a selection of the images I think show this best…

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