Advanced Studio Practice 2B: Shoot: Aida

15th April 2015


Aida loves fashion. She also is a design student and creates fashion. The aim here was to capture Aida in the creative process within the design studio, that over her 4 year course has become a common and loveable place where she has the freedom to express herself and be creative, as well as socialise with like-minded people. She has also made some great friends whilst being here, who she works with on a weekly and even daily basis. I liaised with Aida throughout the shoot asking her questions about what this means to her and how she thinks it shows her identity. She spoke with me about how she feels mainly, she expresses identity not necessarily through what she wears, but what she creates for others to wear. She said her final collection (that she is working on in these images) is to help others to express themselves through fashion – to not conform to the common high street cuts we continually see in the shops/society, but to give a woman the freedom to adjust the clothing to the style they wish, to be able to express themselves as an individual through her designs.

This was a really interesting experience for me, to watch the creative process and how Aida engaged with the creative process. I could tell she was passionate about what she was doing, as her eyes lit up when talking about what she creates. I wanted to get portraits of Aida that were natural and depicted her, engaged with the surroundings and the activity. I feel this shows qualities within her – that she is imaginative, creative, has an eye for detail, is delicate but intentional and has found a way in which she can express herself. I feel as though I have captured these qualities within the shots I have taken. I also wanted to photograph her with her friends in the studio because of the connections she has made with them in this process together.

I have found it difficult whittling down these shots as I felt a lot of them say the same thing but in different ways! However I think the shots that work the most are Aida stood with the studio as a backdrop, the times when she is really concentrating on what she is doing (however a lot of the images show this so I will need to get some feedback on these images to be able to decide!), the shots where I have caught her naturally smiling or laughing, because this shows her charm.

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