External Opportunity: Sicily trip and wedding

6th-10th April 2015

I went to Sicily for my friends wedding from 6th-10th April. This time for me, although it was a nice break, it was also a learning curve. It helped me in many ways,

– I learnt to connect and relate to people more – photographically and socially
– Travelling with a group but also as an adult in my own right built my confidence and I overcame some fears
– Continually creating connections over in Sicily – the church my church is linked with is full of creative people also making their way in the photographic/art industry
– Communicated in another language (or as much as I could learn!)
^ A lovely old italian man invited me into his shop to take some photos šŸ™‚ ^
– Broadened my sights for myself and my career – my ‘world’ is bigger than just Bradford!
– As I attended the wedding, it gave me chance to observe the photographers/videographers (there were 2 of each) and from observing them I saw how efficient they were, how quick they worked and how they were confident in approaching people to photograph them, but also they captured natural shots of people’s reactions etc
– They had planned beforehand and must have had a few consultations with the bride and groom beforehand because they had a lot of different equipment and ‘photo ideas’ they were able to plan/fit into the days schedule
– It gave me chance to observe people too – because usually I am the one photographing a wedding so I aren’t usually the one sat down relaxed, but this time I was so it gave me a chance to people watch and learn – especially within the italian culture!
– It gave me chance to connect with people for potential shoots, and one person I am going to photograph the week after Sicily is one of the girls I shared the villa with while I was over there – Aida. I photographed her whilst in Sicily and this helped her to become more familiar with me and the camera!

– It also gave me a chance to turn my project on myself and photograph myself in my favourite place – the beach! I love the beach because there is an amazing sense of vastness and as if you’re on the edge of the world. I love the sunshine, the warmth and the blue skies. I love to relax with friends and feel a sense of closeness to God and nature.

…and here are some of my pics from the wedding!

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