Advanced Studio Practice 2B: Evaluation of Final Images

My final images can be found in the white envelope labelled “Advanced Studio Practice 2B – Final Images, by Olivia Wilford”.

I have chosen these images based on my proposal and exploration of identity within the portrait photograph. I have photographed people on locations that are either symbolic to their personality, have meaning in their life e.g memories or places they thrive by ‘doing’ or ‘expressing’. By no means are my studies on “identity” finished – because I think it will be a lifetime journey, and not a ‘simple’ answer that can be defined. I have chosen 2/3 images for each person, because along the way throughout this project I have come to the conclusion that a persons whole identity cannot be contained within one photograph. People are so intricate and complex. The identity is formed by so many things – upbringing, life experiences, expectations of them from others, society, culture, faith, emotions, thoughts and much more. I have also observed that men and women see/express themselves in slightly different ways. Men, by outward things (e.g Tom – clothing, Dwain & Phil – physical activity) and women inward things e.g qualities/emotions they possess expressed through e.g Adele – music, Aida – creativity etc. But one thing I have learnt through this is that identity is intrinsic to the person. It is something within that is expressed through outward things.

Here are my final images

IW9B9923-01blog IW9B9962-01blog IW9B9776-01resized IW9B9756-02resized IW9B9818-01resized IW9B9833-01resized IW9B0113-02editresized IW9B0111-02resized IW9B2125-03blogsized IW9B2244-01blogsized IW9B2142-02blogsized IW9B2250-01blogsized IW9B2290-03blogsozed IW9B2295-03blogsized IW9B2383-01blogsized IW9B2656-01blogsized IW9B2864-01blogsized IW9B2551-01blogsized IW9B2565-01blogsized IW9B2597-01bogsized IW9B4555-01blogsized IW9B4576-01blogsized IW9B4577-01blogsized IW9B4668-01blogsized IW9B4719-01blogsized IW9B4792-01blogsized

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