Advanced Technique & Process 2B: Final Images & Evaluation

My Final Images for this project can be found in the white wallet/folder “Advanced Techniques & Processes 2B, Final Images by Olivia Wilford”

These images show my final image sent to the AOP Student Awards Brief given by Richard Maxted of a charity shop garment, and 4 images from the same shoot showing different poses to show the styling of the dress in different ways. I also have included 2 images shot with a charity shop jacket. These images helped and informed my final shoot because I had chance to be creative with how clothing is photographed.

In the end I chose the black and white shot over the colour for my final image (for the AOP Student Awards Brief) because I felt it was the most striking, and the black and white works with the context of the dress being vintage – kind of like ‘hollywood glamour’ in the 1950’s style.

IW9B2113-02blogsized IW9B1245-01blogsized IW9B1226-01blogsized IW9B2060-01-blogsized IW9B2068-01-blogsized IW9B2117-01blogsized IW9B2063-01blogsized

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