Advanced Techniques & Processes 2B: Best Practice Images

My Best Practice Images for this project are in the white wallet/folder labelled “Advanced Techniques & Processes 2B: Best Practice by Olivia Wilford”

These images show the ‘Best Practice’ from the following shoots:

Editorial Fashion shoot for make up artist

Clients second choice

Tiger Lily Boutique – photographing clothing in studio

TigerLily10WMblogsized TigerLily12WMblogsized TigerLily11WMblogsized

Flash used with bounce card (balancing different light sources) for class task (as practice for Bradford Film Summit event)

1/32 sec. f4. ISO 200 - balancing tungsten light above & behind, with daylight and flash 1/50 sec. f10. ISO 200 - flash bounced off of ceiling, central. Looks most correct 1/40 sec. f5.6. ISO 160 - stood closer to subject but zoomed out

Flash used with bounce card on Bradford Film Summit event

Daryl Goodrich  IW9B0621-02blogsized

Using Capture 1 software for Bradford Film Summit studio shot

...My image

Best practice of pack shots

IW9B0181-01blogsized IW9B0245-01blogsized IW9B0323-01blogsized IW9B0564-01blogsized IW9B0571-01blogsized IW9B0483-01blogsized IW9B0553-01blogsized

Best practice use of Pen Tool editing

IW9B0521-02blogsized IW9B0373-02blogsized IW9B0557-03blogsized


Photographing old jacket – getting creative and photographing it in different ways in studio

IW9B1221-01blogsized IW9B1231-02blogsized IW9B1197-02blogsized

See in white wallet also for Best Practice – Medium Format print (8×10)

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