Specialist Technique & Process 3 – 3-5 (well… more!) images towards my subject

26th September 2015

Equipment used:

Canon 5D mk iii
24-105mm lens
11-24mm lens
Canon 430EX ii speed lite

I undertook a photography job with a client who wanted me to photograph him playing music at a wedding for his business as a singer/entertainer. He wanted me to capture people dancing to his music and genuinly having a good time. I was also able to capture images towards my subject, so I wanted to capture people as natural as possible – of them genuinly enjoying themselves as they were doing. Here are a few images I took on the night:

I enjoyed photographing everyone having a good time and this job also helped me to practice watching out for special moments, it kept my eye keen, and the more I photograph people the more I observe them and human behaviour, which helps me anticipate moments that will happen between them. I also refined my use of angles and using people around the room as framing of the people I am focussing on in each image. It also gave me chance to use my speed lite flash gun so I could get more practice and become quicker and more efficient on the job when needing to e.g change the setting quickly whilst using manual.

I think I could improve on making sure things are in focus before taking the shot and also practising focussing in a dark environment. I could also improve on engaging with people because I found that I was always on the outside of the dance floor looking in on it – which works for me in a sense because then I don’t get as many posed shots and am able to get more documentary style portraits. However a lady kept encouraging me to get in the middle of the dance circles and photograph, but I found this took away the ‘natural’ element of the images. Another thing I could improve on would be getting in closer e.g by using a long lens because some of these images I had to crop into, so when blown up they may not be the absolute best quality they could be.

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