Specialist Technique & Process 3 – Taking a professional mugshot

30th September 2015

Equipment used:

Canon 650D
135mm lens

In this session we learnt about having a professional presence online and how we needed an image of ourselves to suit that kind of profile. We worked in pairs/threes and each took each others head shots. The aim was to get a clean, head shot following the guideline we had been given. We researched and looked on the professional networking site LinkedIn and observed the kind of professional images that are used on their profiles. The aim was to explore our location and find a background we thought suited us and what we are about/symbolised something about us. We had to utilise natural lighting too. We then took some head shots of each other and chose the one we thought represented ‘us’ as a photographer. Here are the results:

I found this session helpful because although we had to have a professional image we were also able to make it our own with the background, pose and facial expression we gave. This image could be used for many different professional purposes e.g also as a Student I.D. I chose to have a black background with the natural light coming in from the window on to my face to represent my personality and how I can bring a positive attitude/thought process into difficult situations.

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