Specialist Technique & Process 3 – First 10 Questions around my subject/genre

25th September 2015

10 Questions around my chosen subject – Relationships within portrait photography

  1. Does the relationship the photographer has with the subject affect the outcome of the authenticity of feeling/emotion portrayed by the subject in the photograph?
  2. How does the environment affect the way a subject feels whilst being photographed?
  3. Why is communication so important when photographing people?
  4. Is it possible to capture genuine emotion/connection/reaction when the subject is aware of being photographed?
  5. How does the advancement of photographic technology in today’s society affect the subjects attitude towards themselves and being photographed? E.g phone camera selfies vs being photographed collectively *addressing ideals*
  6. Do people act differently being photographed with their relations (e.g friends, family, spouse, children etc) opposed to being photographed individually? How?
  7. Is it easier to capture genuine connection when a similar interest/activity/object is introduced?
  8. How does the photographer create a relationship with the client/subject in a short amount of time, enabling them to feel comfortable and achieve a true representation of the subject?
  9. How does the relationship the photographer has with themselves affect the subject and therefore outcome of the emotion portrayed within an image?
  10. How does the opinion of others shape the subjects perception of themselves?

I know that I need to refine my questions more towards the subject (what) I will actually be photographing, because at the moment I have looked at the more academic side of my genre.

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