Specialist Technique & Process 3 – Strengths & Weaknesses

Strengths :-

  • Hard working
  • Passionate
  • Self confidence
  • Good communication skills
  • Work well with people and in a team
  • People person
  • Committed
  • Tolerant & willing
  • Reliable (stay true to my word)
  • Charismatic
  • Altruistic
  • Enthusiastic
  • Creative thinker

Weaknesses :-

– I feel I have become less idealistic – I am quite an emotional person so sometimes it can be hard to see from a realistic perspective – about myself and about situations. However my expectations of myself have become more realistic and I don’t tend to put as much unnecessary pressure on myself.

– I have become less selfless – not in a selfish or mean way, but I have considered myself and my work as actually important to me, rather than putting other people before my needs and my dreams. I see now how nurturing my gift and having the right environment around me and the right people around me is important for my growth in every area.

– I have become less sensitive to criticism because I have become more secure in who I am – as well as my photography work. This has come from the first point ^ of being more realistic with myself and also facing up to the person I actually am. Also having more experience over the summer has helped me overcome fears and step over boundaries I had in my mind, and I have seen encouraging results come of this. Stepping out into the ‘real world’ means more people seeing my work which then opens me up for more constructive criticism, which then prepares me to be able to handle it.

My self esteem hasn’t fluctuated as much this last year and I feel like I have grown in confidence more – I have done this by facing my fears head on and looking into ways to overcome them, instead of backing off from them. Also more experience in my chosen area has added to my confidence.

– My struggle in making tough decisions feels as though it has lessened – yes I am still working on these weaknesses, however I think my perspective on life has become less grey and more black and white. I tend to see things a little simpler these days and with less emotion than before. Over the summer I moved out of home and into a flat. This required me to grow in the area of ‘making decisions’ and having to be more direct with what needs to be done. This situation has helped me a great deal.

– I have been working on my organisational skills and prioritising/planning over the summer – and since I have moved into my own flat I feel like this has enabled me to think ahead more and think quicker, because I have to think more for myself and plan ahead to get by! Also now that I have a bigger room and office space it has enabled me to organise everything better and my head feels clearer for it.

My aim throughout this year is to continue to grow into my strengths and work more on my weaknesses by branching out and maybe going to places I used to shy away from. Within myself and also in the outside world.

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