Specialist Technique & Process 3 – External Opportunity

29th October 2015

I photographed at the Bradford Business Conference in the David Hockney building at Bradford College, from 8am to 12:30pm.

Prior to this job we had a meeting with the event organiser to get more information about who will be there and what opportunities could arise from this, who to contact and just some general information of the goings on, tips and encouragement for the day. This was helpful because it meant we could plan ahead and know what to expect. We all had time slots as to who was on what section during the morning and afternoon. I found this structure helpful. Here are some of my images shot on the day:

I found this day to be very informative with regards to business, and it gave me an opportunity to work as a professional and manage my time and section to get the best out of the environment, people and the time I had to complete my task. It got me talking to people and I took a few business cards to make connection with in the future – which will be beneficial for both me as a business and them as a business. Seen as we had a prep meeting with Mike Tipping and the event co-ordinators this gave me more confidence throughout the day to photograph people with ease – because they know when they come to these events that there will be photographers, they expect it and don’t mind being photographed. I used a 70-200mm f2.8 lens for most of the day and was very happy with my images I produced. I believe they were of a high standard and I really did give my best efforts to the day.

Some things I could improve on would be not repeating ‘same-y’ images but making sure I look for new moments/angles within the day. I also need to make sure I shoot less images because when editing afterwards it’s really difficult getting them sent on time when I have to edit each one individually if the lighting/focus isn’t right. I need to work on shooting perfectly in-camera, so that minimal editing needs to be done.

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