Specialist Technique & Process 3 – External Opportunity

12th November 2015

I photographed the Educating Yorkshire Conference at Bradford College. This was quite a bit event for Bradford and Yorkshire and there were many delegates there from all different statures and parts of the county.

It was quite a similar set up to the Bradford Business Conference with regards to the style we photographed in and that we each had a section each to cover, however their were more people photographing on this day so we had an allocated time slot and I photographed from 10am-12pm. There were also a lot of different seminars going on at the same time, in contrast to the Business Conference when it was 1 after the other rather than lots of different ones all at the same time. So you had to think quick on your feet and in my section (where all the seminars were taking place) I had to time it well and photograph through windows/doors (which made my images a little more arty, actually) but also wait for the seminars to commence/finish so that I could sneak into or out of the back of the seminar rooms so I could get some of the direct shots I needed, and to get the right angles.

In my section I had a chat with the professional photographer that was also on the job called John Steel. He gave me some great tips, helping me with the above realisations ^^^ from his past experience. He also spoke about not getting in peoples way and making yourself obvious if you want to get those natural shots. But it’s also about a mixture of natural and posed, if people want e.g photos for their website with their stall.

Overall I found this job to be challenging but in a good way and it helped me expand my knowledge and understanding of these types of events and what is needed for the end product. I am happy with my images because I believe I gave 100% effort in achieving ‘THE shot’ for each little situation I found myself in.

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