Specialist Technique & Process 3 – External Opportunity – Photographing for an MUA

20th October 2015

Studio lighting – soft box, octabox,
Light meter
Canon 5D mk iii
White card reflector

A make up artist contacted me who I had worked with previously and she wanted a few make up looks photographing. However on the day it was just one she needed photographing. Then after shooting the look she had to re-do one side of the face and compare the blending between the two.
I photographed in the studio and used white card reflectors under the chin of the model to make the skin appear really clear and bright. This is great for showing the make up and making the model look flawless. I did a few like this (without a lot of shadows) and then tried some with just the light to create harsh shadows and to appear a bit more edgy because of the specific make up look.

Here are some images from the shoot,
White background no #1, using Octabox from the centre to light the model:

I then transferred to the other white background and used just a soft box to light the model. At first I came in from the right hand side with the light but then moved it central because I wanted it to be more even on both sides of the face, to show the two different sides of the face with an equal light:

I think this shoot went quite well. I would have personally got a bit more creative with poses and angles but the MUA just wanted a really basic head shot to simply show the make up. In the end I think this worked better for the purpose of the shots. Technically, I prefer the first images with the Octabox and reflector as they make the skin appear flawless and the light is more even across the subject. The images on the second section using just the soft box make the skin look a bit ‘muddy’ because I was advised to shoot on lower settings than I usually would so that the skin wouldn’t ‘blow out’ however this meant my images were very dark when it came to post process I had to lighten them, therefore the skin appears patchy in places.

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