Specialist Technique & Process 3 – External Opportunity

17th October 2015

I attended my friends Indian wedding and although I was only a guest and not a photographer at this event, I felt this gave me an insight into what an Indian wedding is like with the different traditions etc (for future reference), and it gave me a chance to observe the photographers that worked on the job at the wedding. Unfortunately they were very busy on the day so I didn’t have chance to talk to them at all, but just by observing them I learnt a few things:

  • To always be on the ball – constantly moving around and not always in the same place
  • As there were a few of them – they occasionally came back together and discussed shots throughout the day and discussed positions of where they were each going to be
  • Planning is essential but – as a few of the things on the day didn’t go to plan, they had to think on their feet and be mouldable to the situation – anticipate plan B!
  • Have an approachable and fun energy – it makes it so much more fun for the photographer and also the people being photographed!
  • Engage in the day – become part of it – don’t be scared! Although it’s a job it’s also someones special day – project this attitude rather than “I’m just here for the money”
  • To get in front of the action before other people do – because a lot of people had phones and were taking photos so the photographer had to make sure they were in position first to get the shot before other people stole the shot
  • Be always looking, always watching for the moments that make the difference – right place, right time

Here are a few shots I took on my phone camera:

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