Specialist Technique & Process 3 – Feedback on my project

12th November 2015

After showing my tutor the images I had shot of Jess & Josh, I got some helpful feedback which enabled me to think deeper and further into my project and how I could approach it:

  • Look at the series “Small Town Inertia” – J.A Motram – photographing people who don’t have a voice. This could relate to the type of photography I am doing for this project because I am helping people have a voice in their relationships and giving their relationship a voice and capturing/representing this using photography.
  • Use a white reflector on shoots next time because the back lighting on the photographs of Jess & Josh meant their faces were dark and I had to edit the images a lot because when I lightened the images the background & hair line bleached out but the faces still weren’t bright enough.
  • Thinking about people and relationships – baggage in a relationship – what is that & the reality that we all have baggage to an extent – how do we deal with that in our relationships?
  • Look at article on Yahoo News about a war time veteran finding and reading a love letter from a past relationship
  • Think about expectations within relationships – what society deems acceptable or rather defines “what a relationship is” – e.g mixed race relationships, same sex, old & young… is this our problem to worry about? surely as long as a relationship is emotionally healthy e.g their isn’t emotional manipulation/abuse happening – it should be ok?
  • Thinking about my interview techniques when talking to the people I photograph – what works best?
  • Would bringing them out of their comfort zone into a different environment work? Thoughts about territory and seeing how they react

This was a good session for me and had given me food for thought that I can move forward with. Next I will try and apply these thoughts/techniques for next time I photograph, and can include these findings in my research.

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