Specialist Technique & Process 3 – Feedback on my project

3rd November 2015

I presented my previous 3-5 images towards my project to the class and received some useful feedback. They commented on the individual connections between the people and how some were stronger images than others with regards to the context behind the subject(s).

  • Work on engineering the context more to get that relationship [between the people] fully – waiting for the moment but also with the use of angles showing the background better and giving the relationship more of a specific context
  • Creating a time/moment between people – within location & studio – YOU [myself] are the one who needs to communicate & make that happen – ask questions, reminisce on their good times, memories, get them talking about their relationship & it’s importance
  • This could be your Unique Selling Point within your business – “Take a moment…” – this could be a time for people to review their relationship, talk, and spend some time together, away from the business of every day life. Getting people together and creating a time – for them, but they’re being photographed at the same time to create further bonding (and people will probably want to buy these images more than staged/posed images where they look stiff and awkward!)

In class I instantly had a couple in mind who I wanted to photograph so contacted them straight away to try out this ‘creating moments’ idea.

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