Specialist Technique & Process 3 – Using/comparing a Medium Format Film camera

20th October 2015

Studio lighting – soft box (octabox?)
Light meter
Medium Format camera (Mamiya RZ67)
Ilford film

Seen as I had used the Toyo 5×4 film camera, I wanted to compare those images with that of a Medium Format Film camera too. Here are the results:

In this session there were 3 of us, and here I have scanned in the whole film but the girl I photographed, all of the negatives were unsalvageable. I want to understand why though, because I carried out the same process as my other 2 colleges and theirs came out fine ^^^.

There is quite a difference between these shots and the ones taken on the Toyo 5×4 camera. These images are much sharper and crisper, less dense and have much more clarity, in the highlights and shadows. I think I prefer this camera when shooting on film compared to the Toyo because of the pure quality of the results, and the fact that you load the film and shoot until it’s done instead of only being able to shoot 2 images at a time before going into the darkroom and developing.

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