Specialist Technique & Process 3 – Assisting/Modelling in a workshop

26th November 2015

I volunteered to be a model for a workshop in a studio at Bradford College. This workshop was to show students on H/E courses what the studio can offer to them as photographers and to basically advertise the B.A Hons degree as an option for them deciding what they want to do next. The tutor had two backgrounds set up – one for photographing some dancers she had hired to come in and throw poses (to help the students learn how to efficiently capture movement using the studio equipment), and one to learn how to do head shots – shooting close in with flattering lighting and for them to learn how to effectively and freely direct a model, learn how to use reflectors and what effect they give the the look of the face when in use. It was a good opportunity for them to use the lighting equipment and to put their creative ideas into practice.
This was a great opportunity for me and my colleagues who took part in helping out at this workshop – as we had the chance to direct a shoot, to adjust lighting to suit the aesthetic needed, to help teach others all that we have learnt on the course, and it really improved our confidence and proved to ourselves how far we had come and all that we had learnt!

Here are a few images taken in the workshop:

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