Specialist Technique & Process 3 – Impromptu shoot (practising flash technique)

30th November 2015

Equipment used:
Canon 5D mk iii
Canon 430EXii speed lite
White wall backdrop
– turning different angles to catch the light on the hat and on the models face in a flattering manor

My housemate bought a new hat for herself and was very excited to wear it and show it off. I needed to practice my flash technique & wanted to create an impromptu high fashion look with the flash and used a plain white wall as a background. I used head on flash to create this look and I am quite happy with the results.

All close ups shot at f13, full body/longer – shot at between f9 and f11, depending on how close or far away I was stood to the subject.

I believe I could have improved this look by maybe adding reflectors in places to add highlight to the hat where possible, because it is a black hat with a velvet-like material (it absorbs the light, basically) so made it harder to highlight the details of the hat e.g the binding around the base and the general form/material of the hat. I do however like how the head on flash creates direct/strong shadows under the chin, nose, and on to the actual white background. My favourite image is the 7th image along (with the cross process appearance). I think this captures the top and side dynamics of the hat but I also love the shadows and the eye contact from the model – it draws the eye straight in and is really striking, and fulfils the desired look I was trying to create.

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