Specialist Technique & Process 3 – External Opportunity

5th December 2015

I performed (sang & danced) in a Christmas concert called Jingle, Jazz & Jive. This event was held at Christian Life Church, Shipley, to raise money for the people of Nepal after the earth quakes that happened months previous, and for a church in Kenya, another of the countries my church supports. I had to attend practices and actually help plan the event, song sets, outfits, decorations and set up of the room. This preparation spanned over a timescale of around 4 months and it taught me a lot and I believe it shows a few things about my character and the qualities/skills I have (which I can apply to photography as my passion and career too) and the way my character has been shaped, and how this enables me to relate and be with people in a way that makes them feel comfortable – especially good for being a people photographer!

  • Commitment – I had to commit to this for months and give my time to this to create something bigger
  • Working with a band, getting along with people, problem solving when things go wrong
  • Communication – between the band, in an affective manor and meaning everything was clear with everyone and we sorted out any problems affectively
  • Confidence & skill – to perform, to learn songs and remember them, to communicate to an audience through expression and creative approach

This was also a great opportunity because there was a photographer at the event who I got talking to and I feel that I made a great connection with him and it would be great to work together in the future. He contacted me and asked if I would upload his images to my Facebook as he knew I would have most of the people who went to the event and took part in it, on my friends list. Here are the images the photographer [Vlad Georgescu] took of the event:



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