Specialist Technique & Process 3 – External Opportunity

8th December 2015

I went shopping with my Dad because he wanted to buy me some clothing as a Christmas present, so we went to the new Broadway shopping centre in Bradford. We were looking in Debenhams at coats and dresses and a lady approached us and helped us find quite a few dresses for me try on. After finding ‘the perfect dress’ and coat, the lady mentioned that the Broadway Bradford are doing a catwalk and she would like to use me as a model for her section of the store, in the catwalk. She told me to come back to see her in early February and she would sort the arrangements out with me. I think this could be a great external opportunity because of many aspects:

  • Becoming known in the city and getting myself out there (and hopefully me in my own right as a photographer, if people ask me what I do)
  • To take part in a big event in what is now considered quite a well known name in Bradford
  • This could lead to making connections with photographers who may have been employed to photograph the event
  • This will increase my confidence levels not only with a small group of people, but a large amount of people
  • This may even lead to photographic connections/jobs with me and Debenhams in the far future

Who knows! The possibilities are endless!

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