Specialist Technique & Process 3 – External Opportunity – MUA First Years Photoshoot

15th & 17th December 2015

Equipment used:

Canon 650D (x2)
Studio lighting (x2 sets)
Light meter (x2)
Triggers (x2)
Tripod (x2)
Stool (x2)

As a group, my colleagues and I photographed the first year make up students make up looks for their assessment at Bradford College. This spanned over two days because of the amount of students in the class and as a result, the amount of make up looks to photograph. They used each other as models and were in pairs. We had to set up the college studio with 2 back drops (white infinity curves), both with exactly the same lighting and readings for all the lights. This was tricky as we only had 1 stool for each back drop which were both different heights – 1 tall stool and one very short stool. However we did well with consistently setting up the shot on both backdrops the same, on both the shoot days.
The shoots went well I felt, the first day we were photographing the first half of the class and although they were quite nervous, we managed to make them feel comfortable and welcomed by us as a group. I felt like I got some really beautiful shots because I made the models feel at ease and know how good they looked! I think this is important for building confidence with the sitter and getting better shots – to be very vocal and give off a good wholesome energy that relaxes the sitter instantly. I gave direction to the girls being photographed throughout the times when I photographed, but also as an encouragement when others photographed who were a bit nervous themselves. I wanted to give each person an equally positive experience. The theme of all the looks was Fairy/Elf so it was also fun to shoot with all the creativity and different ideas!
We photographed strict head shots using a tripod for consistency throughout the whole set of images. This worked well and gave the end product a clean and consistent look throughout. On the second session we took all the students emails on a list and then afterwards whilst selecting, asked the tutor to go through and name each girl that had been photographed, and who had done their make up. Some of the emails were hard to link with the names, but in the end we managed to sort out who everyone was. We selected 5 unedited images from each look to give to the tutor for assessment, and sent them via we-transfer. Then with the looks I photographed (4 different looks) I sent a good few edited images to each model and artist of each look – also sent through we-transfer.

I feel this was a successful job and the students were very happy with their images. It was a great opportunity to also make contacts for the future e.g if they need a photographer or if we need a make up artist!

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