Specialist Studio Practice 3 – External job/Images towards my project

8th February 2016

Sharon & Miriam

I was asked as a paid job by Sharon to photograph her new born daughter Miriam. I have never worked with newborns before and have never undertaken a new born photoshoot, however I know Sharon and she trusted me enough to ask for the shoot. I want to do this as part of my business in the future so I better get started now! I researched some poses/styling to position the new born (Miriam) in and gathered some props and communicated with Sharon and she brought some of Miriam’s extra clothes and props etc. The shoot took place in my flat and my flat mate helped with the shoot, as she is Miriam’s ‘auntie’.

It was quite complex photographing a new born as you have to catch them at the right time so they’re either asleep or in a good mood. Sharon fed Miriam before she came, however with all the moving around with different outfits Miriam got a bit unsettled and upset and Sharon fed her again to settle her. We expected her to fall asleep however she was wide awake for the whole shoot. However this was nice because I was able to get some beautiful close ups of her and her big eyes.

I took this shoot also as an opportunity to take some photographs of the natural interactions & connections between mother and daughter. For example when Miriam was crying and Sharon was embracing her and comforting her, calming her down. I found this a great opportunity. I had a thought before the shoot that it would be lovely to photograph Sharon breast feeding Miriam as I see this as a really precious and special bond a mother can give to her child, however I didn’t know if Sharon would feel comfortable with this. I may ask her in future when there is more privacy and only if she feels comfortable with that.

The shoot as a whole:

Images towards my project:

This shoot taught me a lot about handling new borns and their behaviour patterns for future reference and first hand knowledge to benefit me in the long run.

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