Specialist Studio Practice 3 – External Opportunity Meeting

25th February 2016

I met up with Geoff Latz & his P.A about the photo prints of his art work (see posts from Technique & Process 3). He took the photo prints of his art work to the conference in Palermo, Sicily 2 weeks previous. He set the price – 10 euros each print. All 30 prints sold. They said the idea is that Geoff, me and the church all get a cut of the money – but it’s all to get sorted out properly yet. They were a success at the conference because the message of his art work is relevant in the context of the preachings at the conference. The leader of the Church over in Palermo really saw a business idea potential with selling these prints – as she tours the whole of Italy doing conferences, so she could take the prints and sell them at the conferences. So I had a meeting about this prospect and how we would work around getting the photos printed between us and sending them over to Palermo if the business idea sets off and we are needing to send large quantities of prints over. So I suggested we both have a copy of the images (& the images resized for print) – if for any reason I don’t have time to get them printed (which in most cases would be fine, unless I’m away or it’s too short notice) – then Geoff and his P.A can take them to get printed at ease if needs be. He also asked me to photograph 2 more pieces and to send the invoice to his P.A when I totted up my hours.

This was a very exciting meeting and it inspired me a lot. It got me thinking bigger than just photography regionally, but photography globally. I want to have more of an open mind set towards the prospect of travelling with my photography business and it not just being stuck in one place.

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