Specialist Studio Practice 3 – External shoot

18th February 2016

As a Christmas gift I put together a shoot idea with my friend who does Make Up.

I wanted to provide a make over shoot – an hour in the studio, with make up and hair done and the client could bring a few different outfits to wear for the shoot. I agreed afterwards that I would provide between 20-50 edited images on a disc (depending on how many I took on the shoot) and 5 of these printing. I undertook this task because I need more practice in this area of ‘make over’ shoots, knowing how to pose my subject in a studio environment (as I’ve got used to photographing in more of a documentary style recently) and just because I wanted to do this as a gift for someone. The aim of this shoot was to help the person being photographed feel comfortable, like they could be themselves and relaxed in a studio (which I understand is quite an intimidating environment, especially if it is this persons first time). Becky met me at the studio and I showed her in. I kept communication going throughout the shoot and made things as natural and flowing as possible. As I photographed I kept talking to Becky – directing her but also having conversation with her. I feel like as the shoot went along she became more and more comfortable – to the point where she would throw poses without me suggesting them. I believe I met my aims in this shoot.

I got some really good feedback from those closest to Becky who know her well, saying she is usually a shy and self-conscious girl, but that I must have done something right because she looks completely comfortable in front of the camera in my pictures, and they could see the true beauty of ‘Becky’ and who she is, reflected in the pictures.

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