Specialist Studio Practice 3 – External job

27th February 2016

As a result of the meeting with Geoff & his P.A Angela (who is also an artist) I photographed 2 more of his pieces for the portfolio & print business idea. I set up my ‘studio kit’ in the flat and Geoff & Angela came over with the pieces. They trusted me completely with this task and didn’t give me guidance but just let me get on with it photographing them. I photographed the first piece with it’s lights off and on as they are a main feature of the piece. I also photographed close up elements of each piece to show the time, effort and detail that had been put into these pieces. I needed their help with the large piece because I needed Geoff to hold it up at the back behind the white sheet, as I was shooting into a corner of the room and couldn’t find anything tall enough or strong enough to support it. So Geoff volunteered to hold it up at the back.

Here are my images:

I felt this shoot went well and I met the requirements of the shoot to the standard needed. There were a few small niggles with the shoot that I had to deal with which were mainly in post process. I made sure this time that I switched the Tungsten ceiling lights off first (as this had majorly affected the white background in previous shoots and given it a mucky orange tint which was difficult to get rid of in post process). The reason the Tungsten lights affected the background was because the lights in my studio kit are ambient white lights – not flash lights. I do own 2 flash lights but I thought these lights might be too harsh on the shine/paint of the pieces – and because the majority of Geoff’s work is made out of metal, a flash light would probably give off much more glare. I also doubled up the white sheet with a thicker one so that the background appeared whiter in all areas and this gave a cleaner look as a whole. Yet in post process there was still a lot to do, for example the colours on each image needed to be adjusted as they differed in each image because I had my White Balance on Auto. I also had to edit a lot of the background on the 3 images of Geoff & Angela with the bigger piece because my white sheet wasn’t big enough. Here is a before and after of this:

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