Specialist Studio Practice 3 – Shoot towards project

29th February 2016

I volunteer at a kids club called Impact on a Monday night in a school hall. This week was a movie night and I thought it would be a great opportunity to photograph the children’s reactions to the film, their interactions with each other and us Impact leaders, and seeing if I can spot any emotive moments between them all. Obviously there is an issue with the parents permission here – we have permission to take photos of the children for Impact purposes, however I need to get extra permission from the parents if I want to photograph/use them for my project. So I am waiting to ask the parents before I upload any pictures of the children to the internet.

This was quite a tricky shoot because I wanted to photograph the children without them noticing me – however this was made difficult because we were in a small classroom in the school and the lights were off but one was left on, so the children could see me coming if I tried to take some pics. Thankfully the sound from the film was loud enough to mask my ‘clicks’ when photographing, but it was just a tricky shoot in general and I’m not sure I got any images that are good enough to potentially use for my project. I did spot moments but by the time I was ready to press the shutter the moment had gone. This was very frustrating.

However I plan on getting permission from the parents and hopefully having a few more attempts at photographing at Impact.


Unfortunately it was difficult for me to get permission from the parents to put these images online, however they will be in my research folder for reference.

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